About Us

Why we are here

Hello and welcome to Terra Artesana,

We're a group of friends who are dedicated to making lives rich with healthy relationships, inspiring activities and fabulous environments.

To put it simply, where we live and how we live matters. Feeling relaxed, proud, creative and content at home and at work is the right of every human being. We're here to make a stand for each artisan sharing their work and each craft lover receiving beautiful arts and crafts into their home.


Every time you make a purchase from Terra Artesana, you will be contributing towards keeping these wonderful arts alive and providing communities, families and individuals with great satisfaction and a valuable income. The artisans love knowing that their crafts are providing for their families as well as being appreciated in somebody’s home in another part of the world.

Not only that, but also the fantastic feedback from satisfied customers has inspired the artisans to develop their new design ideas, thus expanding their skills, product range and creative potential.

Some customers have wanted to pass on their thoughts of thanks and appreciation to the artisans. If you wish to send your artisan a message, we will be sure to pass it on to them.

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At Terra Artesana, we believe that the only way we can deliver high quality handicrafts is by working alongside those artisans that work from the heart, with mastery and pride, producing handicrafts with great skill.

In the same way that cooks say that the way food is prepared makes all the difference to the taste, we believe that the way artisans craft their work with dedication, patience and passion makes all the difference to the quality of their craft.

Artisans we have met over the years have inspired us to get to discover more, otherwise unknown artisans, who work with similar passion and integrity and engender a long standing, co-operative relationship.

We're incredibly proud to showcase such inspired and skilled artisans and we know you and your loved ones will enjoy their handiwork too.

We thank you in the name of each artisan and invite you to find out more about them on our product pages.

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Terra Artesana’s team comes from various business, health and design backgrounds. We know first hand how important it is to create productive work spaces as well as nurturing homes.

Using our experience and expertise in marketing, law, arts, environmental psychology and internet technology, we utilize the internet platform to offer better prices to artisans and customers by avoiding middle men and increasing the availability of quality Mexican arts around the globe.

Together, our experience brings you a website that is easy-to-use and is full of authentic Mexican handicrafts.

We select all our handicrafts based on how they thrill and excite our senses. We ask ourselves "Does it look fantastic in our home? Does it feel good in our hands? When we look at this craft, does it make our everyday lives a little sweeter? Does it put a smile on our faces and the faces of our family and friends?" We always make sure the answer is a clear "Yes!" This inspires us to evolve our business further and so we are constantly bringing fresh, new crafts from our combined experience and outlooks.

We like to be involved with handmade products: clay, wood, tin, copper, bronze and glass. Each one unique, quirky and a product of individual character and artistry. The timeless essence of materials from the earth. Ancient, solid, beautiful. Carved, lathed, sanded, molded, fired, chiseled, polished and then, brought directly to you.

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We understand that people like to be the master of their own designs! It’s vital to create your living or working space as you wish. To choose the color and texture that makes you feel how you want to feel when you walk into that room or space. It’s intriguing to see how all the designs elements combine together and turn out in the end. Maybe it’s just as you imagined or something new and exciting evolves as you continue to create.

So, if you don’t see what you are looking for here or if you have a specific request, please contact us with your project idea and we will be happy to work through your designs with you and our artisans.

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Please feel free to connect with us personally by using our 'contact us' page and do find out more about us throughout this page and via the various articles on our blog.

Gracias amigos and enjoy your small piece of Mexico at home.

From the Terra Artesana team.

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Terra Artesana ~ the name

Terra is pronounced ter-rah and is Latin for earth.
is pronounced ar-teh-zan-ah and is Spanish for artisan.

The name Terra Artesana embodies things we appreciate in life: planet earth with all it's amazing landscapes and opportunities; the relationship between humans and their environment and each other; and the creative force of design, craftsmanship and beauty.

Terra Artesana represents the creative world of Mexican artisans and provides a bridge for you to connect to that world. It connects different cultures, bringing together the traditions of Mexican crafts and the homes of North America, Europe, Australia and beyond. We believe in preserving a world where each and every tradition is respected as a precious and valuable part of the whole that is important to keep alive, protect and most of all share.

Welcome to the world of Terra Artesana, where earth, copper, bronze and wood are cherished and enjoyed, reminding us that we are constantly and positively influenced by the power and beauty of earth’s natural materials and elements. A world where we invite beauty, care and love into our homes and surroundings, enhancing how we feel and how we interact with those around us.

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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

We ensure that each customer is completely satisfied with every aspect of their interaction with Terra Artesana by providing:

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - Free customer service number and returned calls
  • HIGH QUALITY HANDICRAFTS – Selected individually for their hand crafted, unique and elegant qualities
  • CUSTOMIZED HANDICRAFTS – Personally design or select crafts to your taste, create your individual style and design ideas
  • INFORMATION - Clear instructions for installation and practical information about products. Customer toll free telephone number and availability of staff to answer questions
  • PAYMENT OPTIONS - Credit Cards can be used through: PayPal and Google checkout
  • ONLINE SECURITY – Thawte SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to protect your online ordering
  • GUARANTEES - ‘Money back guarantee, if not 100% satisfied’
  • ORDER TRACKING – Track your order
  • OFFERS – Special offers that change
  • A GREAT SERVICE FOR RECEIVING YOUR HANDICRAFT: Free shipping within the USA. Effective, safe and secure packaging. Efficient shipping and delivery service
  • COMPANY INTEGRITY – Commitment to providing high quality products, conducting business with fairness to all, maintaining transparency and availability, and maintaining a low carbon footprint in all production areas.

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Eco & Fair


  • All our products are lead free
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning for all products, no harsh chemicals required
  • Carbon footprint to a minimum: We don't engage middlemen, which cuts out unnecessary travel and energy use. We ship, instead of flying our products.
  • We don't use warehouses, saving energy sources of light, heating, air conditioning
  • Recycling: we use recycled materials wherever possible without compromising the high quality of each product and all leftover material from production is recycled.

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By fairness we mean that all our partnerships are based on open and clear dialogue, transparency and respect. That's every partnership, from meeting the artisan in his workshop right through to you receiving your craft through your front door. Regarding our partnership with the artisans, we endeavour to maintain and develop:

  • Market Access for Artisans
  • Sustainable and equitable trading relationships
  • Capacity building and empowerment
  • Consumer Awareness Raising & Advocacy
  • Development through Communication

Please read more about our commitment to Eco & Fair.

Regarding our partnership with you, please read our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Policy above.

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