Eco & Fair


  • All our products are lead free
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning for all products, no harsh chemicals required
  • Carbon footprint to a minimum: We don't engage middlemen, which cuts out unnecessary travel and energy use. We ship, instead of flying our products.
  • We don't use warehouses, saving energy sources of light, heating, air conditioning
  • Recycling: we use recycled materials wherever possible without compromising the high quality of each product and all leftover material from production is recycled.

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Like most of us, we are conscious that whatever can be done to improve the health of our environment, is vital. Therefore:

  • Market Access for Artisans
  • Sustainable and equitable trading relationships
  • Capacity building and empowerment
  • Consumer Awareness Raising & Advocacy
  • Development through Communication

By fairness we mean that all our partnerships are based on open and clear dialogue, transparency and respect. That's every partnership, from meeting the artisan in his workshop right through to you receiving your craft through your front door. Regarding our partnership with the artisans, we endeavour to maintain and develop:

Please read more about our commitment to Eco & Fair.

Regarding our partnership with you, please read our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Policy above.

Market Access for Artisans

Our Mexican founder and his sister work directly with the artisans and are aware of each artisan's heritage and respectful of their integrity, dignity and pride in their trade. Working with these artisans has encouraged our founder to get to know other unknown artisans and open doors for further trade with them and development for them.

Sustainable and equitable trading relationships

This co-operative, face-to-face relationship with the artisans shortens the trade chain, so they receive more from the final selling price than is the norm in conventional trade via multiple intermediaries. It also ensures the artisans are clear about the distribution of their crafts and receive prompt payment. With this intimate working knowledge we see for ourselves that each artisan's trade greatly benefits their families and communities.

We anticipate and plan for long-term trading partnerships that enable both sides to co-operate through information sharing and planning. And of course we take environmental aspects into consideration to ensure that natural resources are safeguarded.

Capacity building and empowerment

Through the close connection we keep with our artisans, they are getting feedback from customers all around the world, work on new designs and understand more about market conditions and trends.

Consumer Awareness Raising & Advocacy

We know our customers are aware that everyone, wherever they are, has a right to earn from their skills and trade, receive social justice and have access to opportunities for change and development. We provide a bridge that connects Mexican artisans with international customers in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Development through Communication

Everyone’s creativity, ideas, expertise and knowledge is invaluable in maintaining high standards and together we make sure each voice is listened to, heard and understood. Frank discussions and integrating diverse perspectives means we are constantly bettering our service. Artisans present new creations and give us great insights as to what crafts might be enjoyed by our customers. Customers write and tell us their tips on installing our crafts and often ask us for custom made designs, which we are proud to be able to deliver. We integrate customer feedback immediately and welcome productive and inspiring conversations and correspondence.